Annoor Islamic Center on COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

In an effort to reduce harm and to protect our community, Annoor Islamic Center has been closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and after careful considerations, we fee it is our responsibility to make the following announcement.

    • Annoor Islamic Center would like to clarify that all community members are islamically exempt from attending Friday “Jumuah” or any congregation prayers in any of the following situations:
      • You have fever OR Cough OR Sneezing OR Joint pain OR Any other Flu like symptoms
      • Your are over 60 years old and have an ongoing medical issue such as Heart Disease, Diabetes or Lung Disease
      • You have a medical condition tat causes your immune system to be weakened


If any of the above situations are applicable to you, you have an islamic duty to avoid being in any congregational gatherings to protect yourself and others from any potential harm. May Alah (swt) protect us all.